Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Callie's Poem

I have never seen my eldest daughter so excited! Callie received news today that a poem she wrote in first grade (last year) is going to be published! Her teacher entered the poem in a contest, and out of thousands of entries, hers was chosen. It will be published in an anthology called A Celebration of Poets. The contest was open to students K-12 all over the nation, and I believe they chose ten winners in each of the four age categories. Here it is for your enjoyment.

At Night When You're in Bed
By Callie Partridge

At night when you're sleeping,
You know the room is quiet.
You want to act right
And sleep nice and comfortable.
Everything in your head,
As you dream nicely in your bed.
Everywhere it's quiet.
Nicely and sweetly you want to sing a song!
Before you notice that you're sleeping,
Mommy takes off her silky ring.
One more blink
Before your last wink!
At night when you're in bed!


Nick said...

Callie, Don't you think it would get annoying to Mommy and Daddy and Caleb and Katie if you become famous?

Melissa said...

I like your poem, Callie. We are so excited for you! I will let Ellie and Anna read it!

Carrie Partridge said...

Love it, Nick!!! Nice pull from my previous post. :)

JB said...

i wanna hear more about that silky ring -- sounds sexy! this is really nice. you should be proud. way to go Callie!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Callie! We're proud of you! Lesley, Jamie and Seamus

Misti said...

Walking her mom's footsteps!

Way to go, Callie!