Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts of a Benchwarmer

I have come across some of my writing from days gone by and thought it would be fun(ny?) to post some of it on my blog from time to time.

This poem was written as a journal entry in my 10th grade English class on September 30, 1990. It might explain why I'm not a poet. And why I quit basketball after 8th grade.

"Thoughts of a Benchwarmer"

Here I am once again
Sitting on the bench.
If he'd only put me out there,
I know it'd be a cinch!

Well, the game has started now,
And all the fans are yelling
For the players on the court;
You can see their heads just swelling!

C'mon, Coach, please put me out there
For just a little while.
I'll change that look upon your face
From rage into a smile!

Maybe he's waiting to put me in;
He's saving the best for last!
If he had put me in at the start,
The game would be over too fast!

Who am I kidding, besides myself?
I know I won't get to play.
Instead of sitting here warming the bench,
I could be watching "Happy Days"!

What's that I hear from the end of the bench?
Is Coach really talking to me?!
At last I'm getting to have a chance,
While the seconds are down to three.

Just give me the ball, and I'll win the game.
How hard can shooting be?!
I've got this thing all planned out,
And all the glory will come to me!

Now everyone is shouting again.
They seem to be shouting at me!
"Ball?! What ball?!", I ask the team;
It couldn't be coming to me!

But, alas, the ball is coming to me;
It's almost out of bounds!
And as I chase it out the door,
I hear the buzzer sound.

And as I return to the ball to Coach,
I look up at him in dread.
"I know, I know; I lost the game,
And I'll warm the bench till I'm dead!"

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