Saturday, June 20, 2009

True Love

Eleven years ago today, I married Kevin Partridge. I love this man more than anyone else in the world, and I have never doubted that we should be spending the rest of our lives together. He is my best friend, and he understands my heart and my soul. He also tenderly cares for them, as no one else does. He loves me with such sincerity and devotion and fervor that I never question his heart.

Eleven years ago today, I didn't have butterflies in my stomach. I didn't feel nervous, just excited. I was certain of our commitment and anxious to make it public and permanent. It was a beautiful day, even with the Mississippi summer heat. We were surrounded by the love and support and presence of our family and friends. Many had even pitched in to help with our do-it-yourself-wedding-on-a-shoestring-budget. We had a friend take the pictures; a friend made the wedding cake; another friend made the groom's cake; a bunch of friends made food for the reception; a friend did the video; so many people helped make this day beautiful and unforgettable.

I'll never forget waking up on the morning of my wedding day--one of the very few days of my entire life when I actually didn't have trouble getting out of bed! I went to take my shower and eat breakfast and just felt like something should be different, like the normal morning routine should be something more elaborate. But it was actually quite nice. It may have even added to my feelings that what was going to happen that day was so good and so right and so . . . normal.

When I arrived in the church parking lot, I opened the trunk of my car to unload some of my things. As I did, I heard the screeching of tires behind me, and I turned around just in time to see a little red Acura Integra--Kevin's car--pull away. No, he didn't get cold feet. He just didn't want to see me before it was time!

When I was all ready--dressed in my white wedding gown and veil, my hair and make-up done "just so"--our wedding director delivered the message to Kevin that his bride was ready. (Kevin admits to feeling a few butterflies at that particular moment. After that, he was good.) We had decided that we would actually like to see and talk to each other before the wedding, so we did. They cleared out the sanctuary, and he waited for me down front. Someone opened the door for me, and I walked down the aisle to meet my groom. We both smiled as big as we ever have! It was an amazing moment, and we were able to laugh and talk and pray together--just the two of us--before the big celebration began.

The wedding ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful and perfect. It was full of music, which means a great deal to us. I can remember waiting out in the lobby before it was time for me to walk down the aisle and listening to the heartfelt worship songs being sung. I couldn't help singing with them. So I stood there holding my father's hand (He was a mess!) and sang "We Are an Offering" and "You Are Awesome in This Place." I would love to have sung along with every single song during the ceremony, but once I was in the sanctuary, I had to just listen. But my heart sang! It was so full and overflowing with love for my groom and worship for my Savior, who brought us together. Kevin and I did actually sing a song together during the ceremony. "Holy Father" was and still is the prayer of our hearts.

Holy Father,
As we stand before Your throne,
As we look upon Your face,
We confess Your matchless grace.
Lord and Savior,
We are nothing without You.
There is nothing we can do
But to serve and follow You.
And surrender
And surrender
To surrender
All our dreams,
All we are,
All that we are to become,
All our lives.

Eleven years ago today, I didn't marry the man of my dreams. He is actually so much more than I even knew to dream and hope for. He loves me, and he loves me well. Our time together so far has passed so quickly. We have three beautiful, amazing children who are reflections of both of us, and they are a testament to our love. We are richly blessed, and I do not take this for granted.

Eleven years ago today, I married Kevin Partridge! Happy anniversary, my love.


3boysinBama said...

Happy anniversary guys. We love ya'll

Amanda Wells said...

Very sweet!

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i found you while searching for writer's guidelines for my ebook ... found you on parents and kids web site. we have the same name, we are both writers and one of my daughters is named Callie! freaky! come by my blog sometime ...

Angela said...

Your wedding was beautiful! It is one I remember well. I can't believe that it was 11 years ago.