Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Dreaming" by Callie Partridge, age 9

As I sit in my seat,
I can't help it--I dream.
I dream 'bout tonight's dreams,
I dream of hot summer.
I dream, I'm dreaming, I dream.

I can't feel my seat,
This year was so quick!
I feel the ocean, waves, and pool!
I'm dreaming of summer!
I'm  dreaming of fall!
I dream, dream, I dream!

I sit here and don't see
my classroom at all.
I see a pool, a beach, condo,
Am I really in school?
I am dreaming, that's all.
Just dreaming.
I think I'll fall asleep.

I dream, I'm dreaming, I dreamed.

You can, too.

*Author's Note: I write for other people's enjoyment all the time,but I usually don't write for encouragement.This poem is to persuade you to dream big every day and night-asleep or not. I dedicate this poem to my former first grade teacher,Mrs. Morgan-probably my biggest encourager,and now I encourage you to dream big-then try to write down your dream,and send it to me.Whaddaya know-maybe a poem will show up right here!!!:)            
                                                                                 - Callie


Misti said...

Wow, she got the combination of the creative juices of both you & Kevin! Awesome!

Kelli said...

THis is precious! Thanks for sharing!!