Friday, October 17, 2008

The Curse

True Story:
During my sophomore year at Mississippi College, my friend Missy and I rode to the MC/Samford football game (We were just going for the trip to the Galleria after the game.) with our friends Will, Chris, and Campbell. As on all good road trips, we got to talking about relationships, what we like/don't like in guys/girls, and all that good stuff. Well, at some point in the conversation, Missy mentioned that she preferred that a guy not have a hairy chest, and I agreed with this.

Those three guys would not let this go! They gave us the hardest time about it, probably telling us we were being superficial. After much torment by them, I finally looked at Missy and said, "You watch. Now one of us is going to be cursed and marry somebody like Kevin Partridge."

Fast forward:
I have been happily married to Kevin Partridge for ten years now! And, yes, he keeps me warm. Kevin also says that in the version of the story that was relayed to him, the word that Missy and I used was much stronger than "preferred." I'm sticking with this, though.


karin said...

That is hilarious. :)

Amanda Wells said...

Never say never. I love it!

Gabby said...

I said the same thing until I met my husband...the hairiest man out there!!!! LOL!!! God does have a sense of humor doesn't he!!! :) But He sure does know what He is doing!