Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunch Money

Caleb has been on a kick recently where he wants to buy his lunch at school instead of taking it from home. "I want to be lunch money today," my little kindergartner says. Happy to only pack one lunch instead of two, I gladly give him the $1.60.

We were surprised yesterday when he said that he wanted to "be lunch money" when we told him they were having fish. So when I picked him up yesterday afternoon, I asked him how he liked lunch.

"It was great!," he exclaimed.

"Really?," I asked.

"Yes. It was a fish what was a square, and I put ketchup on it and ate the whole thing!"

"Great!," I said in a bit of disbelief.

"And it was in a booger."

"I'm sorry?"

"It was in a booger!," he repeated.

Laughing, I had to ask him to explain himself.

"Well, not like a booger what's in your nose. Like a cheesebooger!"

I could hardly stop laughing.


jcbullock said...


Emily said...

That is so funny! I love how their minds work!

Gabby said...

HAHAHA!!! I love it!!! I love how they talk when they are little!!!

Amanda Wells said...

Ew - I remember the cafeteria square fish. Yuck.

Kari said...

And no commentary to this story from the peanut gallery... aka his sister?

Your kids came up in conversation tonight as we were eating chocolate peanut butter birthday cake and drinking hot Ghirardelli drinking chocolate - I don't know what would have ever made us think of your family during this activity:) Anyway someone wondered outloud what they're like these days, so i just had to share this story - everyone was relieved to hear the ending/punch line of a cheesebooger... and that Caleb is still the Caleb we knew

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Oh, that makes me sad and reminds me how much I miss y'all, Kari! But, yes, my children's personalities are pretty much the same--just bigger personalities and bodies now. It's never dull around here.

Lisa B. said...

Happy to know that walmart made clothes easy for me (as you know I am fashion challenged) granimals were my friends. Well one shirt had a dalmation on it....Trent REFUSED to wear it school, he started crying saying he could not wear it because( as he had recently learned in preschool during the Pledge of Allegiance), it was the ONE Dalmation under God and must remain in the closet. Who knew Wal-mart sold the very Dalmation spoken about in the Pledge!! :0)