Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cozy Writing Spot

I have a new favorite place to write. It is Congress Street Coffee at Eudora Welty's Birthplace right here in Jackson, Mississippi. The two-story coffee shop/used book store (called Tattered Pages--such a great name for a used book store, in my opinion) is pretty empty on the Tuesday or Thursday mornings when I come and perch. I get my coffee from Kristen and climb the stairs to find my little nook. I sit at a little table in the corner, surrounded by tall bookcases filled with stories to be shared a second or third time. The hardwood floors are all scratched and worn. And it just has that old house smell that makes me think of historic times. I am also sitting near the glass doors that open up onto the balcony, which accommodates several white rocking chairs and a few planters with hot pink flowers in them. Down below I can see the bronze statue of Eudora Welty, which honestly looks prettier than she really was. I'm not trying to be mean; the woman just had a very distinct look about her!

I feel inspired when I come here, and I hope to write many, many pages in this place.

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Julie Nolte Owen said...

What a great spot! Happy writing.