Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I Love and Admire About My Children

  • Her drive and determination
  • Her insatiable hunger for reading
  • Her talent in writing
  • Her creativity
  • Her leadership
  • Her love of putting on programs
  • Her confidence and lack of inhibition
  • Her talent in composing music
  • Her compassionate spirit
  • Her attention to detail
  • Her big-sisterliness
  • Her sense of justice but also mercy
  • Her desire to try new things
  • Her sense of adventure
  • Her honey-colored hair
  • Her blue-gray eyes that always look pensive
  • The way you can always see the wheels turning in her head
  • Her thankfulness and appreciation
  • Her giving and sacrificial heart
  • Her task-orientedness
  • His kindness
  • His helpfulness
  • His desire to please
  • His love for his family
  • His generosity
  • The way he gets excited for his sisters and cheers them on
  • His playfulness
  • His creativity
  • His ingenuity
  • His desire to protect his family
  • His smile that makes his eyes disappear into half moons
  • The way he tells a story--his animation
  • The pride he takes in a job well done
  • His encouragement
  • The way he dances with absolutely no inhibition
  • His amazingly messy and curly hair
  • His love of life
  • The joy he both gives and receives when playing with babies and toddlers
  • His friendliness
  • His servant spirit
  • Her giggle
  • Her hugs and kisses
  • Her love of affection--her snuggliness
  • Her concentration when she's working a puzzle
  • Her enthusiasm
  • Her humor
  • The way she makes me laugh
  • The way she takes care of babies
  • Her thoughtfulness
  • Her non-conformity
  • Her love of life
  • The way she handles her dietary restrictions with such a positive attitude
  • Her blond curls
  • Her big blue eyes
  • Her ability to make some really crazy faces
  • Her giving spirit
  • Her inhibition
  • The way people are drawn to her
  • Her incredible whistling ability
  • The way she savors food she enjoys (especially chocolate) and hums while eating it


megan said...

gosh i love these precious kids!!

Christy Bullock said...

These all made me smile, knowing how true they are! I LOVE my nieces and nephew!!! Amazing kids!